Launch Event

A 100% Free, 100% Online Event.

At the event we will explain to fans of the sport, fans of Roberto Dinamite and aspiring investors, all the information to understand that this could be an opportunity for you.

Only at the event will the limited Digital Arts (NFTs) be introduced for the first time. And if you're there, you'll be one of the first in deciding whether or not to get a limited, super rare, exclusive, licensed collection item.
1º Launch of NFTs in Brazil
Licensed Collectible Items
Extremely Exclusive and Super Rare
That Value Over Time
Day Event:
at 20hs - São Paulo Time
Érico Rocha
Roberto Dinamite is one of the greatest soccer players in Brazil, he played in the 70s, 80s and 90s and is still the top scorer in the Brazilian Championship with 190 goals.

If we consider that today each edition of the Brazilian Championship has many more games due to the running points system, the feat above becomes more impressive.

In addition, Dinamite is also the top scorer in the Campeonato Carioca, São Januário and all the classics wearing Vasco's shirt.

Dinamite has scored 754 goals throughout his career in official games and is the author of the most important goal that received the title: "The Most Beautiful Goal in Maracanã History".


Roberto Dinamite is going to Flow Sport Club PodCast to talk about the launch of his NFT collection. Click on the Video below and see the part that is talked about the collectible digital arts that will be released. See from the 13:10min minute that it is explained..


Roberto Dynamite goes to Rica Perrone - Cara a Tapa's Channel to talk about the launch of his NFTs collection. Click on the Video below and see the part that is talked about the collectible digital arts that will be released. See from the 43min minute that is explained..


The launch of the Roberto Dinamite NFTs Collection in the Brazilian and world media.

Site CRIPTOFACIL - Título: Roberto Dinamite, ídolo do Vasco, ganha coleção de NFTs.

Roberto Dinamite, ídolo do Vasco da Gama e lenda viva do futebol mundial, será homenageado com uma coleção inédita de tokens não fungíveis (NFTs).

A iniciativa chamada “Dinamite-se” é a primeira do tipo da plataforma focada em NFTs do mundo do esporte, a NFTSport...
Site Espanhol CRIPTOPASION: Roberto Dinamite, ídolo de Vasco, gana colección NFTs

Roberto Dinamite, ídolo del Vasco da Gama y leyenda viva del fútbol mundial, será honrado con una colección sin precedentes de tokens no fungibles (NFT). La iniciativa denominada “Dynamite-se” es la primera de su tipo en la plataforma centrada en los NFT en el mundo del deporte, NFTSport. Según un comunicado enviado a CriptoPasion, la asociación tiene como objetivo brindar a los coleccionistas, inversionistas y fanáticos la oportunidad de poseer NFT del máximo goleador de Brasileirão ...
Site SUPERVASCO: Vídeo sobre o lançamento de NFTs em homenagem a Roberto Dinamite.
Site NETVASCO: Veja vídeo sobre o lançamento de NFTs de Roberto Dinamite.
Site Francês LACRYPTOMONNAIE: Roberto Dinamite, l’idole de Vasco, remporte la collection NFT

Roberto Dinamite, idole de Vasco da Gama et légende vivante du football mondial, sera honoré d’une collection sans précédent de jetons non fongibles (NFT).

L’initiative appelée « Dynamite-se » est la première du genre sur la plate-forme axée sur les NFT dans le monde du sport, NFTSport...
Site ATAQUE MARKETING: NFT de jogadores: Roberto Dinamite lança sua coleção de NFTs

Gols, cenas marcantes, momentos inesquecíveis. Numa época de ouro, com estádios repletos e rivalidade a flor da pele, ídolos se forjavam e neles eram depositados coragem e esperança de milhões de fãs. Quem não tem um jogador que marcou um instante, um dia, um minuto, uma alegria e um abraço? Os tempos são outros mas não menos importantes ...

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is NFT the same thing as cryptocurrency? Bitcoin and others?

    No. Although NFT is a generic term that designates a digital token, it has an important difference from cryptocurrencies: non-fungible. Calm down, I'll explain. (laughter)

    Two non-rare 1 Dollar coins are worth the same, there is no difference between their value. Any shopkeeper will consider their value added as US$2.00. They are fungible.

    Likewise, cryptocurrencies are fungible. The same value in Bitcoin represents the same amount of money regardless of the wallet where that value is.

    However, two houses, for example, even if they are very similar, will not have the same value, will not be the same, will be on different terrain, maybe completely different locations, will have different items, they are two non-fungible assets.

    The same goes for artwork. Different frames are unique, super rare, exclusive and non-fungible items.

    NFT is the acronym for these digital assets that are unique and non-fungible. Despite being traded on the same network as Cryptocurrencies, it is not a currency, it is a unique and non-fungible item, that is, each NFT is unique, even if they are associated with the same digital file.
  • Why do you say the NFT can add value?

    Because that's what's been happening in the world when it comes to super rare, exclusive and licensed NFTs. Likewise, a picture representing the image of a famous player, painted by a famous artist, becomes super rare and very exclusive, NFTs that have this same characteristic, such as NFT SPORT, will be increasingly valued and exclusive.

    NFT SPORT NfTs will be sold on the day of the event, for a very short time and in very limited quantity. As they will be licensed works by famous and respected 3D players produced by great artists from the biggest studios around the world, there is a high probability that the price of NFTs after they are sold will increase a lot, as this NFT offer that will take place at our event, will not occur new.
  • How am I going to be able to resell this if I want to?

    A marketplace is scheduled for January 2022 on the NFT SPORT website so that all our customers can resell the NFTs for the price they wish.

    On the Marketplace, only customers will be able to buy an NFT that has already been launched or sell the NFTs they own, as once an NFT is launched by NFT Sport, it will no longer create copies of that NFT. leaving the purchase and resale values ​​of this asset to the clients and the market.

    In addition, other sites that accept our NFT contract and that have Marketplaces may also be a reseller site for your NFT hosted in your digital wallet.
  • Don't understand what an NFT is? What is this different from a physical collectible object?

    NFT is a generic acronym for unique items in the Digital World. A physical collectible item, even if it is a copy of another, is always unique. It is often numbered, has a state of conservation, or other characteristics that make it unique.

    Today, with Blockchain technology, we can associate any digital file with a unique code, making this file an NFT. Even if I duplicate this file, make identical copies of it and associate them with codes in the Blockchain, making them NFTs, each of those copies will also be a unique item in the Blockchain.

    This way, in a safe way, we can license someone's image, transforming it into art, for example, and then, through the Blockchain, transforming this file into NFT.

    NFTs can be bought and sold through digital wallets or other forms of payment and are stored in your digital wallet and can be resold later.

    The main difference between an NFT and a physical collectible item is its immaterial, digital nature, which can be accessed from anywhere, without degrading over time, breaking down, without losing value to the elements of life.

    An NFT will forever be on the Blockchain, saved, until the day that someone who has access to the digital wallet that keeps that NFT transfers it to another digital wallet.
  • Does NFT Sport already have other sportsmen to launch?

    We have some contracts in the oven and many contacts made. Follow us on our social networks and very soon you will know, first hand, what will be the next releases of NFT Sport.
  • Is collecting NFTs worth it?

    We have two scenarios to consider: 
    Investment and collection. If you buy NFTs looking for a way to value your investment in the future, then you should invest in licensed, exclusive, super rare NFTs, as these have the greatest chance of increasing in value in the future. Another example you should consider in this case is that NFTs that portray something very popular like sports, in general, are NFTs that tend to value themselves more than NFTs by unknown artists.

    If you buy NFTs looking to build your collection based on your personal preference and tastes, we believe it's worth investing in those that are more exclusive and rare, as these tend to be more difficult to get in the future and therefore more complex for you to obtain. and form your complete collection.

    However, there is a caveat, not every NFT will appreciate over time, in fact, we can say that as in any market for unique items, such as stickers, books, stamps, magazines, real estate, etc., not all of them do appreciate over time. of time. It has stamps that are devalued, as they are less rare or relevant. Just as there are stamps worth millions. Thus, a diligence in evaluating who is launching NFT in the market, whether it is rare, has few units, is licensed, exclusive, if necessary so that you do not end up frustrating your expectations.
  • NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, isn't all this a pyramid? Or a Ponzi scheme?

    First, we have to understand what a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme is first.

    Briefly, a Ponzi scheme is an operation that aims to monetize with high profits those who enter the system early on. To sustain these gains, the scheme needs continuous and exponential re-entry of members.

    A simple example of this is if you imagine that to be part of a certain team, you need to give a ball, the following week if you bring two friends who also join, you receive two balls. In this scenario you profit 100% in one week. But, your friends who joined later will only make this profit if each one of them brings two more friends. And so on. In this innocent example, it's clear that there will come a time when we won't have people to join the team and at that point those who contributed have lost the ball they invested, 100% of their investment.

    Cryptocurrencies serve as a means of digital exchange for you to consume anything you want. They are nothing more than a medium of exchange. Just like paper money, you can buy bread, gasoline, travel, cars and so on. Nowadays, it is very common for our money to be virtual, as we pay with debit, credit, Pix, TED and other acronyms that, in practice, mean transferring money without using paper money. Cryptocurrencies are an alternative medium for paper money or the so-called fiat money, like the real, for example.

    After the 2008 crisis and several years of study, seeing large banks failing around the world in the midst of a global inflationary crisis, Bitcoin was launched in 2009, which is an alternative to buy and sell goods digitally without the need for a physical currency .
    For this reason, we can say that cryptocurrencies are not a Ponzi scheme, as everyone can buy and sell at will, without a person at the top of the pyramid.

    NFTs follow the same logic, as they are digital tokens like cryptocurrency, however they represent unique pieces rather than pieces with a predefined value like money. Two paintings, even if they are painted to be identical, will not be 100% the same, each will have, even if subtly, different aspects. Every piece in the real world is unique. Each NFT represents this, as each NFT in the World is a unique token completely distinct from any other NFT in the World.
  • How can NFTs with the same art be considered distinct?

    Just as every printed bill of money has a series that makes that bill unique, just as every NFT has a code that makes it unique in the world. The banknotes are also the same in image, same format, same design, same ink, same security devices, but they are different if we look at their serial number.

    Likewise, NFTs are unique pieces in the world even if they are associated with the same image, or file. Pieces from the same collection that share the same base file are numbered and you can buy the NFT #1 from a particular collection and further enhance your collection by having all the NFTs #1.
  • Does buying NFT #1 give me an advantage in the future sale?

    In the same way that numbered limited edition collectibles tend to value the first numbers, in the same way NFTs from the same collection that have a lower number are sometimes 10x higher than an NFT from the same collection that has more numbering. high. So, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that if you are present on launch day and are one of the first to buy your NFT on the NFT Sport website, you will certainly get a lot more value from your investment.